Which one use at DO for discourse backup?

Currently discourse run on digital ocean. When i see at DO panel, there are two option available for backup.

  1. Take snapshot (work like manually)
  2. Backups (When its enable work automatically)

If i select take snapshot option, suppose if i want to create new droplet from that snapshot then its work as normal?

The Digital Ocean backup function is not that useful by itself. See this previous topic:


I have read the above thread but could not find the comment from anyone that. restore from snapshot work successfully.

Sorry, I should have written that neither of the Digital Ocean options is very useful for backing up databases. Discourse has a way to set up daily backups:

You’ll want to copy those backups somewhere safe. One way to do that might be DO snapshots or backups, but copying them to S3 or some other similar service is probably going to be more efficient.

If you want to keep within DO services, you could hire a Space, that works similarly as a S3 Storage

And also supported by Discourse?

I think they do, I haven’t read a lot about it, but this may help you