Which table polls data is stored?

(Veer) #1

I have more than 1000 topics, i am planning to dynamically insert new polls in each topic.
Here is what i want.

  • Unique polls i will insert for every unique post.

I want to to know, where discourse store polls data. How polls data is stored, etc.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

See the plugin_store_rows table.

(Veer) #3

Found that polls data is stored in


my next question is, if i insert code for polls in the posts.raw, on rebaking posts, will it work ?

(Dean Taylor) #4

Probably best to use the API to update the posts with a GET and a PUT request…
… updating to include the appropriate poll markdown.

You might want to remove rate limiting whilst you do this:

Or perhaps just remember you might be rate limited and code for it.

(Veer) #5

Have any idea of how can i rake:rebuild a specific post number in development enviornment discourse, not docker ?

ok found it - rake posts:rebake_match["[poll"]