Which user has the most badges?

Apologies for the newbie-like question but I’ve checked through the plugins and the pending “to do” list and can’t seem to find this anywhere.

Is there a way to view the current user list and order it by the person(s) with the most Badges?

eg, going to https://some.site.com/u?order=badges would display something like this:

If my search skills are that poor and this is already out there, I very much apologise.

If my search skills are very much on point and this feature does not exist, then I shall submit it as a new feature request :blush:

No there is no way to do that via UI.
You can do it using Data explorer plugin and writing a a query, see What cool data explorer queries have you come up with? as example


Thanks @Dax I’ll take a look :+1:

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