White papers or admin notes for Discourse


(Mark Wilkin) #24

Moving posts and threads actually seems pretty simple from playing around with a test install of Discourse.

The UI for selecting posts and shifting them around, either individually or by selecting a bunch from a post and moving them en-mass is simpler than Lithium’s from when last I used Lithium about a year ago.

(cpradio) #25

That is simply using an advanced query:
/latest?max_posts=1 (returns topics that have zero replies – the original post is the only post in the topic)

(Mark Wilkin) #26

At a slight tangent are there any examples of what good documentation looks like for things like forum software about moderation?

(Bill Snider) #27

I can see how to move the post to another topic, but how can I move it to its own topic in another category?

(Kane York) #28

Exactly the same, except “move to new topic” instead of “move to existing topic”.

(Scott Trager) #29

We have them, but we are under the “Mother of all NDAs” © so I’m not sure if we can share.

Personally, I’d do them as a Wiki considering the collaborative nature of Discourse, but that might just be me…

(Mark Wilkin) #30
  • Click on the wrench button for the topic and “Select Posts”
  • Select a post
  • Click on “Move to a new topic”
  • Name the new topic, select the new category and click “Move to a new topic”.

Does that work?

(Mark Wilkin) #31

And ah if those are from who I think they are, then I think I might already have them :).

(Bill Snider) #32

Yes, but what if I need to move the original post to a new category?

Wait. I see it. Why does the option not show up sometimes?

(cpradio) #33

Very top, click the edit pencil next to the title, choose the new Category, click the green checkmark :smile:

(Bill Snider) #34

Got it. Definitely not intuitive.

(Bill Snider) #35

I’ve noticed that editing is easy, but does discourse provide an edit history for the admins?

(Scott Trager) #36

@Bill_S - It provides an Edit history for everyone… for example here’s mine:


(Kane York) #37

Actually, that page is wildly incorrect and misleading. It catalogs the edits of your posts by other people. I think I tried to get it fixed before, but I was roadblocked by some technical debt.

(Bill Snider) #38

What do you mean by this? If the option is provided to move posts from board to board (category to category), then it shouldn’t be an issue.

(Bill Snider) #39

When you say edits by other people, are you saying that anyone can edit a post? Or are these by staff/moderators?

(Kane York) #40

Trust Level 4 and Staff have global edit privileges, with TL4 having a public audit log (edit history) and admins being able to remove entries from the public log.

Additionally, you can edit your own posts, of course.

You can move a topic between two categories trivially. Moving a post between two topics requires some special processing.

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