Why are private messages counted as topics?

(Ellie M) #1

Scenario which just happened to one of our community members:

  1. He created a new account (note: one of the default rate limits are “max topics in first day: 3” )
  2. Then he browsed around and said hello via messages to a few people he knows from our community.
  3. Afterwards he wanted to create a topic and was met by a message which said he’s reached his first day’s topic creation limit.
  4. Unhappy and surprised about it, he reached out to me. On his profile summary it actually says he’s created 0 topics.So I looked at logs and dived into this deeper.

Here’s what I found:
Basically, he had only sent the 3 private messages and didn’t even manage to create a single topic yet, as he was busy browsing the forum. So it turns out that Discourse counts private messages as new topics (tested with other new users).

I don’t think it makes sense? Well, at least when it comes to these trust level limits. Especially since there’s another rate limit setting called “max private messages per day”

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

That would not happen in a default install because min trust to send messages defaults to 1.

(Ellie M) #3

I’m afraid default settings are set to give level 1 to any new member as a part of bootstrap mode (until 50 members ar reached).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yeah it’s a side effect of bootstrap mode. What do you think @neil? My gut says this setting should only affect public topics, but on the other hand, if a new user signed up and sent out 100 PMs that’d also be bad.

Maybe two settings here?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Anyway @elliem your workaround is to increase this value in the site settings. Someone sending out 100 PMs in their first day is quite dangerous so I don’t support a big change here at the current time.

(Ellie M) #6

Indeed, that’s the workaround I opted out for. Obviously, it’s not a huge pain, since usually 50 members are exceeded very quickly. Alternatively, if you end up working on this, 2 separate settings would be great. One for the max topics within the first day, and one for the max PM’s within the first day.

Thanks :slight_smile: