Why can't I download pdf due to incorrect site URL?

(Abel Van) #1

It is quit wired that my site works fine except that the link of pdf files can’t be clicked, what is the problem? And where I can get the log?

Test site: http://discourse.lttt.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/t/c-n-liouville/32
Test link: http://discourse.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/uploads/default/9/77b8610ee5df0fd7.pdf

(Abel Van) #2

I see, the link is wrong. But why? it should be http://discourse.lttt.freeshell

(Abel Van) #3

I see, since the link is created under another domain, and when I get the new domain, it is not updated, so is there any way to update this automatically? Maybe nginx rewrite will help?

(Kane York) #4

What is the domain set to in the container definition (app.yml)?

(Abel Van) #5

It seems that I don’t have app.yml in config/ (I install it un-officially), and I already fixed all the old links (since there are only few) hand by hand.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

We can only support official Docker installs, sorry.

(Kane York) #7

Okay then, you have a problem with your web server setup, which is fixed by using a Docker install