Why can't I find Welcome Message in Site_Content?

(Arta) #1

Hey guys,

I can’t find where to edit welcome message (when a users registers first).
according to the documentation I must do this via Setting, customization, site contents.

But there is no such a line to be edited.

Just to make sure, I just searched for “abilities” which is contained in 4th line of this message.
It just can’t find it!

Cleared cache, rebuilt the system, changed device and switched browser, it just doesn’t work!

Am I missing something?
Any idea?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Settings, Customization, Text Content.

(Arta) #3

That’s what exactly I did! I can’t find it there. It acts as if it doesn’t exists since I am not getting any result!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I search for abilities and I get a result… here is a screenshot to prove it to you

(Arta) #5

Well, thanks for showing that! That shows there is something wrong with mine.
have you ever faced such an issue before?

(Arta) #6

Ok so when I switch the language to English, when I look for the phrase, I find it. Is this considered as a bug?

If I edit that field while I switched to english, does that mean that the english version of my forum is getting changed?