Why coffescript?

(Bobzhang) #1

I am a ten years Emacs user, these days I plan to give atom a try, however, coffescript hold me back.

I am familiar with javascript, heard of coffescript, but I don’t want to learn another language(since there are no
new ideas in coffescript, just some syntatic sugar). It’s not worth learning a new syntax just for an editor.

(Note… I don’t like javascript, but I still prefer javascript to coffescript, my daily programming language is OCaml)
This is just my feedback, thanks.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Discourse ditched CoffeeScript a long time ago. It’s been converted to JavaScript and is now using ES6.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

(Kane York) #4

Blast from the past there, dude. I was wondering, “why is this topic marked new?”