Why dashboard updates don't look right?!

I’ve faced similar thing more than once. E.g., today, My admin dashboard shows like this.
Installed Ver: v2.4.0 beta2 +437. But latest available ver showing: v2.4.0. beta2
Is bare beta2 is later than beta2+ 437?
As I think, beta2 + 437 commits is later than just/only beta2.


And 2nd, as showing on admin/upgrade page, I’ve just updated it to beta3. Is it supposed to take some time to reflect on admin dashboard? (as Admin Dashboard is still showing: beta2 + 437)

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Not sure, @neil can you have a look on a beta2 install?

Can anyone else confirm this is the case?

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2nd part of my query got solved after some time/after I rebuilt the image.
But 1st part remains (that why beta2 +437 is older than just beta2)


What is your confusion? It shows if you’re up to date. Are you missing the message on the right, or you excluded it from your screenshot?

After upgrading, a job is queued to update version info. It can be delayed up to 10 minutes.


As I said in my 2nd reply/update, only this much looks queer to me why beta2 +437 is older than just/bare ‘beta2’.

As in the screen shot shared by you also, v2.4.0.beta3 is shown to be the latest than v2.4.0.beta3 +6

As I think, ‘+6’ means it is 6 commits more than beta3. But seems I’m wrong.

Why does it look older to you? What are you suggesting we do?

Using @BobbyZopfan’s example, I believe he thinks thev2.4.0.beta2 +437 should be listed as the “Latest” version instead of just the version number without the commits. Maybe excluding the +437 (commits) from the “Latest” gives the impression that the “Latest” version is older than what is installed.

Maybe if both “Installed” and “Latest” showed the same thing - if the installed is indeed the latest - then it wouldn’t appear confusing to some. Am I right on this train of thought as you, @BobbyZopfan?

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Yes. 100% you’re right.
Beta2 seems older (to me at least) than Beta2 +437.

And from @neil’s example screen shot, beta3 +6 seems later version that the later shown: just the Beta3

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I’m personally not a fan of the “+437” added to the end of the version string. A smaller link to the SHA of the commit that you have deployed is clearer. As it is, the + looks like a build number which it isn’t.


So much this!!!

The amount of useless +number we get on support topics is staggering. Having it show the short SHA under parenthesis would be much better for troubleshooting.


Ok then let’s make that change?


I made this UX change. Installed version will look more like this: