Why did my Badge images break when I reorganized my community's categories?


Recently I reorganized the categories on my forums by going through the install wizard process a second time. That part worked great, but it looks like it broke some of the custom images I had uploaded for badges.

Is there any easy way to get the images that were there before? Or do I need to re-upload everything again.

Thanks as always.

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Do you remember what changes you made when you ran the setup wizard?


The only change I intentionally made was to switch the homepage of my community to a two column form (categories on the left, new topics on the right). It’s quite possible I made another on accident though.

Is there a specific change you think might have caused the image issue? Or is there a way I can go back and double check what I changed?

Thanks, Simon

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No, I was just trying to find the steps required to recreate the issue. I tried making the change to my homepage layout from the wizard and didn’t run into any issues with category images, so that may not be the cause of the problem.

Yes, you can always find any changes that you have made to your site settings on your Admin / Logs / Staff Actions page.