Why do I keep getting logged out?

(Christoph) #1

Since a week or two, I keep getting logged out of various discourse instances, my own as well as meta, for example. I’m not aware of any cookiekiller plugins I have installed (in particular not any time recently).

What else might be the reason? Or how can I trace this down?

Edit: I’m using Chrome (Windows and Android)


gilbertchen doesn’t want discourse, so he wants to make us not want discourse. it’s just that he started with you :laughing:

(Logan Devine) #3

keep getting logged out

Admins can log out users on all devices by doing

/admin/users > user > log out!

So… an admin may be logging you out!

(Christoph) #4

At least on my own forums, the only admin is me…

Another observation: when I just opened the discourse Android app (which I have used on several forums earlier today) I had to reconnect to each and every forum listed in the app (i.e. press the “connect” button and allow access for the app. I did not have to provide any login credentials, though).

(Cameron:D) #5

Do you use Firefox with firstparty.isolate enabled?

(Christoph) #6

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I’m using Chrome. But maybe Chrome has something similar? It would have to have been delivered and turned on automatically with a recent update though, since I have not fiddled with my Chrome settings for months.