Why does Discourse use flat discussions and not tree based?

(Gaaady) #1

Why does Discourse use flat discussions and not tree based?

(Kuba) #2

Short answer: Web Discussions: Flat by Design

(Truong Hoang Dung) #3

Example tree based app is news.ycombinator.com, it’s sometimes hard for me to follow the vertical parents from deep children.
Flat discussions like twitter really work ! In context information is enough for everyone to follow.
But i think Discourse discussion MUST be paginated. Reason is there will be many crazy topics which have thousands to million replies.
Another feature for a topic is the ability to search in topics: search for content, author,…

(gregmolnar) #4

What about the option to switch between flat and threaded display?

(Joel Martinez) #5

I’m assuming that it’s paginated like the ‘front page’ is paginated … endless scroll. However, that doesn’t help when you know that you want to get to the latest response, or to refer back to a response that you knew was on page 3 (and you didn’t think to grab the permalink). I’d be interested in seeing a solution for that use case.

(gregmolnar) #6

I just discovered you can pull in the post you replied to by clicking on the link. Would be nice if it would pull in the full tree. Like now I reply to your post which is already a reply to another one.

(Josh Komusin) #7

It sort of does. Click on the “X Reply/ies” below your post to see replies to the post. A “happy medium” that preserves chronology.

(Joel Martinez) #8

oh that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: however, oddly … your response (to my response) doesn’t have the “In reply to” tag. Maybe that’s because it was right after mine without another unrelated post in between?

(Mirhagk) #9

If you look beside the posts on the right, you’ll see something that lets you jump to the top or bottom, that helps.

(gregmolnar) #10

If click on the replies at this post Why does Discourse use flat discussions and not tree based? you will see it pulls in all the replies so I think that’s all a board needs.

(jcolebrand) #11