Why does my small Discourse have 200+ pages indexed in Google and Yandex?


I built my site 10 days ago and I don’t have many posts but today I checked my google index. it shows 193 (Really ???) indexed… then I checked yandex index and it shows 297 indexed (OMG)…

what is wrong with my site. here is my site link : Psikiyatrik site

Why is it difficult to believe there could be 193 unique URLs at a small Discourse instance?

I think it is not possible because I don’t have enough contents for this unique URLs. i think maybe I failed something about my discourse settings.

I just did a very rough count

60-ish categories
30-ish posts topics
50-ish badge pages
13-ish user profile pages
and a tag page and several Top pages

toss in the static pages and that easily comes to somewhere around 175+ URLs


WOW I did not think like that. its explain my problem now. thank you :slight_smile: