Why does the login button disappear when scrolling down a topic?

(Sjors) #1

When I’m logged out and reading replies at the bottom of a topic, and I want to reply to it, I need to login. That’s obvious.

However the login button disappears when you scroll down a topic, so I need to scroll up again which is not only slightly annoying but maybe also confusing for new users which don’t know this behaviour.

So… why does the login button only show up in the top of a topic? Why does it disappear?

Edit 1: lol I didn’t notice the big blue button at the bottom of each topic which said ‘log in to reply’ which works fine. Sorry for my stupidity.

Edit 2: But still… when you have a very large topic and let’s say you’re in the middle, you would still need to know to scroll all the way up or down to find the login button.

In my experience it wasn’t immediately apparent that you can login with the ‘avatar’ button in the right corner of the header.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t mind if the login button stayed in the same position when scrolling down a topic, it might make Discourse a little bit more friendly for newbies.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Do you want new users to reply to a topic without reading all of it, or at least a big chunk of it? I don’t.

(Sjors) #3

Aaahh okay, this makes sense now. Nevermind this request, I do like how this is thought out. Initially I didn’t know that leaving out the log in button in the middle of the conversation was for this purpose. Clever.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

As a compromise, the “Sign Up” or “Log In” button will appear in the header for anonymous users. So if people need to reply, they can – we’re just not giving them the

engraved invitation to reply on each post, since we do want people to read to the bottom – or at least a lot of the topic – before jumping right to replying!