Why don't uncategorized topics appear withe the uncategorized category?


All other categories appear this way (below) except for uncategorised.

This is a problem for me as I have renamed uncategorised to general and would like these topics in my general category.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

The default #uncategorized category is intended to be for just that: topics without a category. While the name is configurable, the usage is not. If you want a proper general category, you’ll need to make one yourself. Don’t try to repurpose uncategorized.

In addition, you may want to consider disabling uncategorized if you don’t want users posting as such. This can be done via site settings.


I understand.

But why does it not show the label in the list?


It will not let me delete. And I cannot find a similar setting.
I could suppress form home page but that would just cause other problems.


I have found in admin > settings > posting “allow uncategorized topics” unchecked this.

Tested. Does absolutely nothing. I can still create topics and they just go to the now un-allowed uncategorized topics…

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Staff are immune to this setting.


Aha this makes sense. Will test now with test account. Cheers.

(cpradio) #8

Just an FYI, the setting you were looking to disable was suppress uncategorized badge, which would make the badge show up for uncategorized.


How do you mean? I had selected and unselected this. It made no difference. In the categories settings right? Or am I looking for something else because the setting “suppress uncategorized badge” I could not find.

(cpradio) #10

No, it is in Admin > Settings. Not on the category itself.


Where in Admin Settings exactly as I cannot find it?

(cpradio) #12

Type suppress uncategorized badge in the search for Admin > Settings, it should be the only result you get back.


Thanks found it. Was in other