Why Google is not showing my community?

Why is my community not showing up in Google Search?

I tried typing the exact words of the topic in my community forum but it is not in list of searches in google search?

How do you do your SEO?

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When did you create your community ? Did you register it on the google search console? If yes do you have any error in this console ?


Depending on the topic, you might want to search for the url just to check whether your website is actually indexed by google or not.

You must check whether Google index your community or not. If Google does not index your content yet, It will not show.

@joffreyjaffeux, more than 7 months ago.

How do you add your community to Google Search Console? Is it just go to Google Search Control and add your community URL?

@katiegray how do you check whether Google index your community? I thought if it was there long enough, Google will just index it for you?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is how you do add your community to the Google Search Console:

  1. Go to Google Search Console
  2. Add your website
  3. Choose Alternative Method
  4. Add HTML Tag
  5. Copy metatag provided
  6. Go to your discourse community
  7. Admin > Customize > Themes > Edit CSS/HTML > < /head >
  8. Paste the metatag that you have copied
  9. Go back to Google Search Console.
  10. Click Verify. Done! :slight_smile:
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or google it? Get your website on Search Console - Search Console Help