Why I can't see the topic statistics widget

(Karim) #1

I found the topic summary here very nice, but on my discourse installation I haven’t. Do I missing any option?


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Topic summaries only kick in on topics with 50+ posts by default. Search “summary” in your your admin settings and you’ll find an assortment of options for it.

(Karim) #3

Thanks for the answer. I really appreciate.

(Stefano Costa) #4

On my Discourse install the “statistics” bar is shown on any topic with 1 reply or more. I don’t think I changed any setting to activate it.

Topic summaries are a different feature from what @karim asked, if I am not mistaken.

(Karim) #5

Ciao Stefano! Quale plugin installo?
Is this the plugin you mentioned?

(Stefano Costa) #6

Ciao Karim, I don’t think you need to install any plugin to obtain the small “statistics” shown in the screenshot you posted above. It comes with the standard Discourse install.

(Karim) #7

Ok. Thanks for the help!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #8

Ah, you’re talking about the topic statistics, not the summary. Yeah, the topic statistics widget as shown in OP’s screenshot will show up once a topic receives 1+ replies. I believe this is hardcoded, i.e. unconfigurable, but a developer would have to confirm.