Why is a blank site_contact_username considered a problem?

(Jared Reisinger) #1

I’ve left the “site contact username” field blank. While this is under the “Settings -> Required” tab, the descriptive text on the field says:

All automated private messages sent by the forum will be from this user; if left blank the default System account will be used.

I want automated messages to be sent from “the system”, so I want to leave this field blank. But then, the admin dashboard warns me:

Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse:

The site_contact_username setting is blank. Please update it in the Site Settings. Set it to the username of an admin user who should be the sender of system messages.

I would set the field explicitly to “system”, but that account has no email address, and thus the “site contact username” won’t accept it. I also can’t find any way to give the “system” account the default sending address, just to make the form happy.

Is there an expectation that there should be a separate admin account for sending automated emails? If not, should there be a way to turn off this (potentially false-positive) warning?

(Jared Reisinger) #2

Heh… I have to retract that statement. As of (or maybe earlier), “system” is accepted in the field, even if it has no email address.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

It is better if someone explicitly owns these messages, as it “feels” better to get the new user welcome PM from a real user account if possible. So the action should be an explicit choice during setup.

(Mittineague) #4

I remember when first testing I got a System email and replied “I got your PM” to the Admin.

Whether “System Generated, no-reply” is too impersonal for some is debatable.

It was my understanding these could be Admin edited at least some, no?