Why is default install beta?

(charles) #1

Shouldn’t default install be stable and not beta? I’ve followed the install instructions but looking at version it is beta. Confused.

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

We feel beta (weekly beta releases) is the best default, because we want everyone on the latest and greatest.

Meta, this site, runs tests-passed for example and has since inception. Very few issues.

If you disagree, feel free to change as desired on your instance.

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(Justin Gordon) #3

Hi @codinghorror, I’ve got a several sites I’m managing. My older ones have the the old default of not using beta. The upgrade button does not show. I can still go to “/admin/upgrade” by typing the path.

  1. Should I switch those to pull beta?
  2. How do I switch them?

(James Milligan) #4

@justin_gordon - you can change the channel by editing your app.yml file, in particular the version parameter (by default under the section where you specify port forwarding).

You should be fine switching from stable to beta/tests-passed, but it’s not recommended to go the other way.

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(Kane York) #5

More specifically, you can only go the other way (beta->stable) right at the time of a stable release. In other words, it’s still an upgrade, just smaller. (This is because many database changes are not reversible.)