Why is the setup for Debian not supported by the GIT Wiki by default

(Gerry Weißbach) #1

I saw that there is a build mechanism for Debian and the installation works quite well for me. Why is this not mentioned in the setup guides with a link to packager.io?

(Jens Maier) #2

Because the dev team insists that the Docker-based setup with discourse_docker is the only officially supported install method.

And in this case, I can understand why. Installing via this Packager thing actually gives you a fork of Discourse from https://github.com/pkgr/discourse which includes some nonstandard modifications, all of which might need to be reviewed if a bug crops up that isn’t easily reproducible on a “vanilla” install.

(Gerry Weißbach) #3

Ok, I see. I have to say that the setup went very smooth so it would be nice to bring this to speed as an official way to setup discourse.