Why is the try.discourse.org site reset every day?

(Amos Ng) #1

What purpose does resetting it serve? Just curious why it can’t be a general discussion forum about random stuff.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Well there are multiple reasons:

  1. Discourse Inc. is not in the business of running its own communities (except for the Discourse community). If we get into this business it will be at odds with the people who decide to host their communities with us.

  2. Historically we have found that running a community with no central “topic” quickly de-generates into a troll fest.

  3. Try is there to test out the software, if we kept around all the posts titled “just testing out the markdown editor” it would serve very little value.

If you would like a general place on the internet to have discussions about anything, nothing is stopping you from running your own Discourse instance.

(Amos Ng) #3

Aha, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks.