Why is this plugin disabled and how can I re-enabled it?

(Jesse Perry) #1

Hey there,

Sorry if this is a simple answer (hoping it is), but I didn’t see it answered plainly elsewhere. I just updated to beta 11, and for some reason cakeday plugin is now disabled. It’s still referenced the same way in my app.yml file. Any idea where else to look to enable this plugin? Something obvious I’m missing? I just did the git pull & rebuild process but that didn’t fix it. Everything is showing “up to date” on my Admin Upgrade page.

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(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

If you click :gear: Settings is there an option to enable it there?

(Jesse Perry) #3

That just sends me to the general Admin settings page and highlights the settings for the plugin. No option there to disable/enable. Something happened when I did the Discourse upgrade and I’m not sure what.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Odd, I’m not sure what to suggest then, sorry!