Why isn't the coldness coloring applied to the rightmost column?

(Kane York) #1

Quite simply:

How come the coldness coloring is only applied for the OP date and not the latest update date as well on the topic list?

I discovered this while holding down Space and pressing/unpressing the Shift key. :rocket: :rocket:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Because topic necromancy has to do with the date the topic started, not the last time someone replied to it.

A topic titled “I don’t like the NSA” started in 2010 is a very different animal from “I don’t like the NSA” started in 2014.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

BTW @eviltrout regression here, the coldness colors are missing from the main topic lists again. Can we slot a fix for this Monday?

(Robin Ward) #4

I can still see cold topics if I sort by activity twice. I believe the confusion here is it uses the last_posted_at date for the calculation, not created_at.

It seems to have been this way for months so I’m a little wary of changing it as it seems intentional. Do we want bumped topics to not appear cold? Or just stick to created_at?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

It is a bug, see that suggested topics works the correct way currently.

(Kane York) #6

And I would really, really like it to be applied to both columns. It looks really weird for some dates to be blue if they’re old and not other dates literally right next to them.

I’m not even caring about why it’s there to begin with, even though I do agree with the reasoning. I just want it to be consistent.

(Robin Ward) #7

The logic was the same for suggested topics as it was on the topic list, but it was confusingly using two date fields instead of one. I modified the code to use only created_at in the first column and bumped_at in the second column. Should be deployed soonish:


(Jeff Atwood) #8