Why (many things) are as they are?

(Anna L) #1

…so weird requirements as of database/mail providers (gmail bad or sth?) and generally installation is not for newbies.

What is trust level, how to assign one to use (like an admin one)? and why titles have to be at least 15 chars? How to change it?

How to turn off these yellow and blue labels that appears while you’re editing post?

(Kris) #2

You can find a lot of this information by searching Meta:

The email sending/receiving capabilities for Discourse are a bit more extreme than Gmail supports, and I believe it’s against Gmail’s Terms of Service. There’s a guide to help you set this up with another provider. Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install

You assign trust levels under Admin > Users, you click on a user and then edit their trust level setting.

Title lengths are set at 15 characters by default to encourage users to write useful and descriptive titles. You can change this setting under Admin > Settings (the setting is called “min topic title length”).

(Anna L) #3

@awesomerobot thank you very much

Trust levels are now ok :slight_smile: Theoretical question :: can you please provide what made you (=team) select such restrictive policy regarding mails?


out of curiosity - what do you find so restrictive about it - all you need is an smtp provider? You just have to be careful in which one you choose as they all have their own terms of service you need to abide with.

(Michael Howell) #5

Discourse isn’t being restrictive about emails. It’s GMail’s terms of service that don’t allow it to be used for automatically sending.