Why might I not want to "allow badges to be awarded" in a category?

(Christopher Galpin) #1

Does this mean no badges will be awarded to anyone in a topic with this category?
Or are there special category-specific badges, and this prevents the awarding of those?

My particular use case is I’m creating an “excerpt” category on my forum for posts that are nothing but a collection of excerpts. So there is no real discussion (generally) in these topics. Not sure if this is a good use case for turning this off on the category or not.


(Sam Saffron) #2

What badges in particular are a problem for you in this category?

(Christopher Galpin) #3

I have no idea. I wasn’t sure of the meaning of the setting exactly. I googled the wording and “allow_badges_label” but no one had commented on it.

Oh, I feel silly. I didn’t realize there was such an elegant list of badges. I just checked it. In my head I was envisioning Stack Overflow’s “asked a good question in the such and such tag” badge and wasn’t sure if the setting meant those kind or all badges in general. I guess Discourse (probably rightly so) doesn’t have anything like those badges for popular things within categories. :slight_smile:

I will definitely be leaving them enabled for my use-case with my “excerpt” category. Thanks. Question answered.

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