Why new users blocked automatically?



In my Discourse forum, most of new users block automatically, not all but most. What is the reason of this?

(cpradio) #2

We’re going to need more details. What similarities do they have? Did they all post at least one topic?


All of them new registered users. They write different topics. There is no similarity between them.

(Daniela) #4

New users (TL0) have some limitations, read

By default they can reply 3 times per topic for example. Search for newuser site settings in your admin panel.
Only the first 50 registered members are promoted immediately to TL1. Assuming your site is public, probably you want to change this site setting too default trust level to 1 for some days (but be carefull).

(cpradio) #5

Are you finding them in the Needs Approval Queue? If so, it is because they are writing their topic/reply too quickly (copy/paste). Default setting is, if the user writes their response and sends it within 3 seconds, put it in the Needs Approval Queue.

There could be other scenarios as well, if you are using Watched Words (Admin > Logs > Watched Words) and have certain words set to Require Approval