Why the composer window is making a single word bold without reason?

See the last word #praise which is being bold even I don’t want it to be.

I’ve tried enclosing the same with two asterisks (**) . But the same still remains bold.
If I remove hash, then its unbold. If I give one space after #, then it becomes heading1.
If I cut paste it elsewhere in the same window, it still remains bold.

Any idea?

Is it the name of one of your categories/tags? It seems to be turning into a category/tag link.

This seems to work as a workaround:



(Edited to include ‘tags’, for future reference)


good catch @JammyDodger

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No, there is no category named ‘Praise’. But there IS a tag named ‘praise’.

Very sorry for late reply.

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Maybe an auto-replace in your Watched Words?

I’m not sure what else would apply auto-formatting? :thinking: Does it do it in safe-mode?

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No I didn’t set any auto-replace, or set anything about ‘watched words’.

I checked and found that the same shows as it is in ‘safe-mode’ also.
(btw, when I enter in complete safe mode, disabling all 3 things, then when I navigate to that offending topic by search box, not thru the url bar directly, the word ‘safe-mode’ disappears from url bar.)

But from your reply, one thing I got in good direction is that it has some problem with the exact word/spelling ‘praise’ only. So, there must be something along the lines you said.

maybe on of your categories has a Category Slug called praise ?

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Not possible. Because I never renamed any category manually (and there’s no category named ‘praise’).

But, as said in my edited answer above, I do have a tag named ‘praise’.

That’ll be it then :slightly_smiling_face:

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then that is it. if you click on it, it should show all the topics with the tag then :slight_smile:


So, I accept this as a solution.

Thanks ji.