Wiki post blank OK box

(Filip) #1

Recently, all the wiki posts on a forum I use have bugged out and when you edit them and click “save edit” it just gives you a blank error box with “ok” on.

Why is this bug caused? How do we fix it?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Update to latest. This was a bug introduced with tagging changes but has since been fixed.

(Filip) #3

Ok, I think the forums just updated a few mins ago. Let me check if it works.

(Filip) #4

It worked for about half an hour, and then the bug returned?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

See if you can repro on – I will make a topic wiki there.

(Filip) #7

It’s still going on @codinghorror , could it have something to do with the fact it’s in a pm?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Wow you guys made a private message a Wiki post???

(Filip) #9

Yeah, we’re writing a project all together, and it’s easier to edit our parts in than to post the source code and have 1 person fit them all together.

Will that be the problem then?

(Kane York) #10

Wait, you’re using a forum for source control??? has free private repositories for up to 5 users.

(Jens Maier) #11

Speaking of which… feature idea:
Discourse has a full history of edits. It should be possible to merge conflicting changes by 3-way diffing the user’s new version, the version they started editing and the current top version. Might be useful for wiki posts in busy forums.

(Filip) #12

The thing is, Wiki posts used to work in PMs, now they’ve stopped.

@riking we’re formatting it with Markdown to be posted on Discourse later, so we like to instantly see results. The Wiki post also has edit history which comes in handy.


Called it.

(Régis Hanol) #14

If they ever did, it was a side-effect. Was never intended nor tested for.

(Yamikuronue) #15

We’ve done that for other reasons pertaining to our Sekret PM Club on WTDWTF as well…

We’re running roleplay games, and we made the list of characters a wiki so we could add to it as we go.

(Filip) #16

@yamikuronue did it work for you?

(Yamikuronue) #17

Yes, but the posts in question were from December, so it may have been broken since.

ETA: I can definitely still edit them though, even the ones I didn’t post

Far as I can tell we’re on 1.2.0.beta9

(Filip) #18

I’ve just figured out that I can’t seem to edit any posts that begin pm’s. I’ll test now on some other forums to see if it’s just mine.

EDIT: everything seems fine on other forums. I’ll ask my forum’s Admins about it.

(Sam Saffron) #19

I don’t want to tell you “YOUR DOING IT WRONG” … but personally I think groups are a much better fit for that kind of collaboration.

(Yamikuronue) #20

:smiley: yeah, I just didn’t want to bug the forum admins for something this orthogonal to the forum’s purpose, so I invented the Sekret PM Club instead

(Sam Saffron) #21

We have a concept of “group manager” planned which would really help for this kind of stuff, so the forum admins could just create a group for you and make you manager of it so you can control membership.