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(Chris Pickel) #1

There’s a particular kind of topic that I feel existing forums don’t do a good job of addressing. These topics (which are often pinned) have a first post which is more of a document than a discussion-starter, and the content of that message isn’t really “owned” by its author.

I think a better model would be for the first post to be a sort of wiki page: editable by anyone (or if locked, by moderators only); and displaying only the most recent information (but preferably with viewable history).

For example: #cythera ! - Ambrosia Software Web Board

The original poster of this topic hasn’t been active in years, but last year, the IRC server that we’d been using since 2001 was shut down (shocking!), so we moved and a moderator edited the post to point to the new server.

Another: [Xsera] Progress Log - Ambrosia Software Web Board

This is a progress log. Several forum members are responsible for updates, but updates have to be funneled through the author (who is not a moderator).

Finally: Ares Trash Talk Etiquette - Ambrosia Software Web Board

A rules topic. There’s one on this forum too, but it’s hidden behind the menu icon. I find that an unnatural place to look for that kind of information (but of course what I find “natural” is informed by long-term forum use).

(Aaron Levin) #2

+1. I’ve never been part of a forum that didn’t have a sticky topic at the top explaining particulars of the forum. The sticky topic wasn’t the best methodology of dispersing that information, but it seems that people feel comfortable when they can summarize the (dis)function of their forum.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Yes, wiki is totally planned. Did not have enough time to get around to it for launch.

It will involve some smarter rules about editing and bumping, a revamped list of revisions dialogue etc.

This is going to be a core feature.

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(Sjors) #4

Related post: Proposing Jekyll as community wiki platform

Somehow related: 301 Moved Permanently

This would be awesome. Not only would it make Discourse stand out for discussions but it would also make it a great platform for crowdsourcing articles/how to’s.

(Matthieu) #5

How this feature is going on ? The last news from the developer was the 6 fev 2013 (about a year ago).

Is it still in development ? It seems that a parallel wiki using Jekyll is on the road but what is the “official” wiki form intended ?

I’m looking for tools for an open source community management. I need a forum (Discourse) and a wiki for the documentation. I don’t really know if I should wait for the “coding horror” solution or use a wikimedia (with an acceptable theme).

(Jeff Atwood) #6

We do still want to get to it, but wiki is not a primary function of a forum. (Additionally staff can edit anything, if the goal is for staff to have wiki, they effectively have it already on all posts).

Thus it is a relatively low priority at the moment.

We did hugely improve the revision display UI, try it out by clicking or tapping the edit pencil “edited” indicator at the upper right of any post!

(Matthieu) #7

Ok thanks for the answer. So I have to move on another solution for the moment.

(Sam Saffron) #8

Wiki is implemented and has been implemented for quite a while.

(Sam Saffron) #9