Will Discourse attend ForumCon 2014?

(Katie Hunter) #1

Hi Discourse, today I received an invitation from Vbulletin related to forumcon.com.

ForumCon 2014 at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco
Thursday June 19, 2014

I think it would be a great idea for Discourse Team to attend and present Discourse to the public. It will help Discourse expend in term of making good connections and to allow other forum webmasters, especially big boards to know about it.

Will you be there ? If not, will you register to attend it ? @neil @codinghorror @sam

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I am doing a panel discussion there, so I will be there, if anyone wants to meet.

(Travis) #3

Damn, I would have gone had I known. Just blocks from my house. Not sure it’s worth the current ticket price though.


aw I wish I can meet you Jeff

(system) #5

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