Will Discourse have sub-forums, groups, and access control?

(Tomasz Stachewicz) #1

Hello everyone. My first post here.

First of all, thank you for finally making a forum software cut for 21st century. Based on Ember and Ruby on Rails, both technologies I really like and would love to have my forum powered with.

Ah yes, my forum. I run and operate a relatively large forum called “Border Princes”, basically the main polish hub for Warhammer Fantasy Battle gamers. The forum currently has 988951 posts (almost a million!) in 29615 threads written by 6254 users. So it’s a relatively small, but active community.

I would LOVE to ultimately have Border Princes powered by Discourse. However there are two (closely related) features that are crucial for a large forum like this.
Namely sub-forums and groups. Groups are basically a basis for ACL-like mechanism for accessing the subforums. And there are quite a lot of restricted-access subforums, mainly club ones (miniature wargamers unite into clubs), moderator forums, tournament & league organizers etc.

Therefore it’s my main question: do you plan on expanding Discource with sub-forums and groups (and access control)? If you don’t “plan” it, are you open to pull requests with such functionalities? Or is it against your keeping-discourse-simple approach?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Yes we totally plan to implement ACLs of sorts


This would effectively give the ability to segregate categories to particular users.

I imagine that at higher scale there is the possibility we may need a slightly deeper category tree, @codinghorror is open to the idea of one more level, but in reality we want to have problem to solve before doing so.

Also, your forum does not sound that small to me, it is on the medium++ size.

(Tomasz Stachewicz) #3

Thanks, Sam. I’ll continue in that thread then.

The forum is quite large, the community is rather small. That’s what you get when it’s the main “social network” for a very active community.

(Julien) #4

@cowboytomash: I am working on http://www.rubybb.com for some months. Discourse is far better than RubyBB at being a modern forum. I would be happy to see something like RubyBB access control in Discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Subcategories, groups, and category level permissions are all implemented and working now.

(Pahlevi Fikri Auliya) #6

How about sub forum/folder, any plan to go to that direction?

(Sol) #7

Maybe would be great to get BuddyPress groups implementation done easier. I am still thinking about how this could be done as it would have a root category “Groups” and then hundreds of sub-categories for all the groups… Are there sub-sub-categories to “bundle” categories together?

(Sam Saffron) #8

This particular feature was implemented ages ago, closing

If you wish to discuss stuff about Discourse security open a new topic.

(Sam Saffron) #9