Will discourse work with only one worker?

(Ordinary) #1

I only wish to build a very small one for my classmates.So i’d like to built it with only 512MB RAM in order to save money.Will discourse work with only one worker?

(Daniel Gagnon) #2

2GB of RAM, 25GB of hard drive for 7 bucks per month:


There’s no auto-billing so you have to go enter your credit card every single month. Otherwise, most bangs for your bucks and you don’t have to have a crippled discourse install.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Discourse will work with 1 sidekiq worker and 1 web worker. You need a minimum of 2 processes. You would probably have to use thin or puma.

Performance will not be great.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Rather than contorting the install to work in 512mb, I would personally view this as a challenge to find the best pricing for a server with the officially supported minimum of 1GB RAM. They get cheaper every year, which is something we are counting on.

(Anton) #5

Yeah, for example:
35GB SSD, 2 cores, 1TB traffic - all for $9/mo is possible in Ukraine.

For Russian speaking people I’d recommend to try this VPS selection tool - takes minutes to find the best propositions across the world:


Unfortunately, it has no English version, but switching to the USD currency and clicking on the dropdowns will allow you to quickly understand what’s going on.

(pusewicz) #6

Well you could always use a Linode for $10 which gives you 1GB of RAM, 24GB SSD and oh plenty of bandwidth and transfer.

(Kane York) #7

I think Linode has problems with loading the Docker and AUFS kernel modules (or something like that), unfortunately.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

You’re right, out of box it won’t work, but there’s a topic here describing how to get Docker and AUFS working on Linode.