Will discourse would be flexible enough to build more than a discussion forum?

First: am putting this in uncategorized as am not sure where to ask doubts about generic topic.

We have been trying to finish a project which helps curate the “ ideas for social causes “.

In simple: you are traveling overseas or foreign, you find something interesting how that community has solved transportation problem or encouraged cleanliness or any problems like in the below segment. then you share in social media which might be only with your circle. But if you could share in open platform, other villages or cities which are developing could take an inspiration from it

This way we get the learnings from one region to another region without wasting resourcing of finding a solution for something which is already solved.

Also when the platform is able to provide an organized way of putting the ideas into the Goals, Anyone can easily get the inspiration.

As a basic MVP, we did using wordpress. http://ideasforsocial.org/ but it’s not sustainable or smart enough which can allow people to post (For example: Posting a Link which gets autoloaded taking the meta details)

So the expected flexibility in discourse is

  1. Changing the topics layout ( https://meta.discourse.org/t/topic-list-previews/41630/7) I read this long thread for almost 1-2hours. It looks promising, can i ask any site which you guys already done? )

  2. Adding extra fields to a topic

  • A rating which asks how easy to execute this idea?
  • A rating which asks how impactful is this idea?

I have created some mockups on how that platform should look,

if you guys feel, this is not something which need to be discussed here, kinldy close this topic :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Am not trying to make money out of this platform, jsut for good stuff.

I admit I am confused about what you’re asking, but I think I get some of it.

“more than a discussion forum” - if you mean “can Discourse be customized” - then the answer is yes. Much can be done with plugins and themes. It depends on what you want to do.

“1 Changing the topics layout” - if the topics list preview plugin doesn’t do what you need, something else could be put together.

“2 Adding extra fields to topics” - this is already possible using “topic custom field”

“ratings” - there are Likes and there is the Voting plugin. Again, if you wanted something more than those provide something else could be put together

“mockups” - you have a vision of what the end result should look like. The problem is getting there. Differences in terminology aside (eg. what you call body I would call section or div) I think a more detailed outline of the specifications should be drafted before either you or anyone else begin to work on this.


Sorry @Mittineague for not being clear.

1. Changing the topics layout
Ok let me put it like this, can we change the layout like producthunt for example? (Am sharing producthunt as its easy to imagine for you)

2 Adding extra fields to topics
Nope the current custom field is allows us to create fields when user post but what is the expectation is, **after a post is created, we add extra fields for people to vote. For example: **

Example1: A rating which asks how easy to execute this idea?
Example2: A rating which asks how impactful is this idea?

think a more detailed outline of the specifications should be drafted before either you or anyone else begin to work on this.

Any example what it means by the specifications when we already have how the end result should look like? Just asking, so i can learn from it.

Appreciate brother!

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I like Discourse precisely because of its flexibility. There are many plug-ins, and if there are no results, you can create your own plug-in, where you can implement all that you want.

  • Any design.
  • Any number of fields.
  • Etc.

Here is a small example that can show what can be done using plugins. Any changes.


You can make a creative plugin for discourse, that is completely different from just a discussion plugin. If you are advanced enough, you can even put a little minigame inside :wink: So there is no limit to what you can do in discourse, but make sure to not break discourse, because that is not going to be pleasant


Man Thanks for sharing this! I got my answers :slight_smile: and have started working on it already.

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