Will there be a time where "breaking" CSS changes will not occur?

(Ben Edwards) #1

I love that the Discourse team is always working on the platform and submitting changes. I would like more of a heads up on changes that add visual elements to the pages or alter the CSS (and potentially overrides we have in place). After 1.0 will these changes be communicated better - or perhaps allow for a preview before they are applied so we can have time to style them?

(Sam Saffron) #2

After v1 we are going to have multiple release streams like chrome does.

  • We will have the “beta” which is what we have today.
  • We will have “stable” which will take in security fixes and bug fixes only.

So, if you wish to be on stable you will get more time between major changes.

(Ben Edwards) #3

I thought we would “be there” by now. But I routinely have our CSS overrides disregarded and the site looks broken. Is there a way to alert us to CSS changes in new updates? Perhaps even check the site for collisions? Should I be specifying my overrides absolutely?

(Sam Saffron) #4

Our hosted customers are all on beta, cause we constantly watch your sites. We can consider spinning up an additional virtual host for “stable” but I really worry it will cause a lot of pain to be 3 months behind in this point of the game.