Windows Phone IE scroll position quirks

(Ony A) #1

I’ve tried searching for this with no luck, so hopefully this hasn’t been posted and I’m posting it in the right place.

Alright so I’ve been browsing the site a few days and I thought I got a hang of how permalinks to individual posts work: If you’re looking at post 30, then the url will have 30 appended to the name, the up-down button at the bottom of the page will also say 30.

However, I was on my phone (IE 11, Windows Phone), and I noticed two things

  1. The ‘jump’ button sits at the bottom of the page… is super wonky. If you’re in one place, it’s fine, but once you scroll the button kind of bounces up and down till you stop.
  2. More importantly, on long posts, the location on the button is different from where you are.

For instance, this post:

If I scroll down to post #3, the jump button will tell me I’m at #5. The longer I scroll the less in sync the numbers are. I tried forcing the navigation to post 50 by adding 50 to the url on my phone and I ended up on post 36. The url had redirected to 44, despite what I had typed. I tried it on my browser (Chrome) and it jumped to 46 and the browser said 45.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or expected behaviour (I hope it’s the former), because navigating long discussions is going to get really frustrating really fast when you can’t even follow a permalink.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Windows Phone IE is quirky. Another problem with IE specific to Windows Phone is that, unlike desktop IE, it won’t deep link you to your previous read position in the topic. We have no idea why, this works on every other mobile browser.

I wish we had resources to spend on Windows Phone IE quirks, but the traffic percentage is miniscule, and it deviates from desktop IE behaviors in really unexpected ways.

Workaround to get permalinks is easy: tap the chain link glyph.

@neil has our WP test device, last time we checked (a month or two ago with latest phone updates) this was still a problem.

(Ony A) #4

Well, I can understand that phone browsers are a whole other kettle of fish and you’re currently too busy to make it perfect in every single one, but like I mentioned this is a problem I get in Google Chrome as well.

The numbers at the bottom don’t correlate to the post and the link literally changes. If you click this: Discourse Meta you get taken to post 56 and the number at the bottom is 51. It’s close to the post, but it isn’t the post I was going for, and since the posts themselves aren’t numbered, one ends up looking at the bottom page navigation to be sure, and its wrong.

edit: just noticed the title was changed to only IE. I didn’t do that in my original post because it wasn’t only IE I had that problem in.

Understanding progress bar post numbering
(Jeff Atwood) #5

No repro in mobile safari on my iPad, you can tell what post was the target because it flashes blue. I end up on post 57. No repro in Google Chrome latest on my Nexus 7 either, I am on post 57 after clicking that link.

Although I did notice that the blue fade on target post does not happen on mobile, can we fix that @awesomerobot and @neil?

(Rikki Tooley) #6

This is just a javascript thing, you will get the same on slow android devices (not that Windows Phones are necessarily slow, they’re just bad at this for some reason)[quote=“onyeka, post:1, topic:14280”]
More importantly, on long posts, the location on the button is different from where you are.
This updates to be correct after a second or two for me, same reason as above likely.

Overall Discourse is fine for me (Windows Phone 8, Lumia Black); the 8.1 update in next couple weeks will probably make things better too.

(Neil Lalonde) #7

Solving these weird windows mobile IE issues would probably involve adding hacks that are specific only to that platforms. Deep linking to posts actually works for a fraction of a second… I can see that I end up at post 57, and then the browser recalculates the layout and I end up at post 50. Many months ago I tried to add some waiting for the re-renders to complete, but none of it worked in mobile IE. I think it’s doing its own “optimizations” that don’t trigger any useful event notifications to our javascript.

I’ll look into this.

(Neil Lalonde) #8

I added the blue post highlighting on mobile too.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Can someone with a current latest Windows Phone OS test this out?


It works fine for me on Windows Phone 8.1

(Sam Saffron) #11

This is working fine on my windows phones … closing…

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