Wistia embed link on Discourse post doesn't work for @message emails

(Madison) #1

Hi guys,
I have embedded several videos on posts in our community using wistia and have @messaged users in the post. When the user gets the email and clicks the link for the video it says, " This video is not authorized to be embedded here." Does anybody know why the link shows like that in the email notification and what we can do to get around it?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This usually means the video is set to not be embedded, so I would check the video settings on the site it was hosted on, e.g. the YouTube video was set to “Do not allow embedding” on youtube.com

(Jesse Perry) #3

I use Wistia. From my experience it seems that Wistia uses the referring URL to determine whether a video can be displayed. So even if you allow Wistia to show embedded videos on your Discourse site - if they click directly from an email to directly go to the Wistia video (the fast.wistia.net URL), it probably won’t load.

Not exactly your situation, but see also: Support for Wistia embeds/recognising URLs with Wisita videos embedded

The best solution would be to follow the instructions in that link to get the embed to work on your Discourse site, then just instruct people to be sure they visit on Discourse. Or alternatively set your settings in that Wistia project that you can share the direct link for people to view on your Wistia.com subdomain site.

(Madison) #4

Hey guys, I made a screencast that helps illustrate my issue further. 2015-08-28_1406