Wizard Introduction doesn't prefill

(AAron) #1

I suspect this was unintended…

When rerunning the wizard after a successful install/configure, the Introduction textarea does not prefill with the response from the previous wizard run.

All other fields are prefilled, so I can “Next >”, “Next >”, “Next >”, “Next >” my way through them, but the Introduction is empty and must be supplied each time.

(I’m glad the wizard remains available after install. Great idea)

(Sam Saffron) #2

@techAPJ can you add to your list, it is about increasing usability around first use of Discourse so it is quite important.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Did it used to work this way @eviltrout

(Arpit Jalan) #4

I am unable to repro this on latest Discourse version.

@WhatllB can you confirm that pre-seeded “Welcome to Discourse” topic is present on your instance, and that the title of the topic is exactly Welcome to Discourse?

(AAron) #5

Good diagnosis. Unfortunately, I didn’t imagine that my forum was about “Discourse”, so I renamed it to the more generic “Welcome to the Community,” and I tweaked the topic’s content as well (even adding an image). I’m really liking Discourse, but my users won’t know that name.

What happens each time I run through the wizard Introduction screen? I assume it’s not creating more “Welcome” topics. If that is the only purpose of the Introduction form, maybe mention the purpose, and allow the user to skip it after the first wizard run?


(Arpit Jalan) #6

The “Introduction” step is basically prepending content to the pre-seeded “Welcome to Discourse” topic.

(AAron) #7

I went through about a dozen discourse websites looking for their “Welcome to Discourse” topic.
Everyone seems to have renamed it.

I found topics in announcements such as:

  • Welcome to the New Forums!
  • Welcome to the new Social Future Forum
  • Welcome to the MD8D Community
  • Welcome to the new Republican Operative
  • Welcome to the New Hearing Aid Forums - Now Hosted By Hearing Tracker

It appears that most/all are breaking the expectation for leaving it “Welcome to Discourse,” so I guess rerunning the wizard will require an Introduction too. To be honest, they probably aren’t rerunning the wizard.

Btw, I found the wizard the best (only?) way to update the logos, so I’ve been tweaking them and rerunning the wizard.

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

Sounds like what your want to do. Do you think that the wizard should rename it for you?

(AAron) #9

There seems to be a difference between “first time” wizard and “additional times” wizard.
I’m hearing the only time it really matters is the “first time” scenario.

Renaming the topic makes the Introduction page difficult for the “additional times” scenario.

So options seem to be around asking the question only on “first time” or making it do the right thing on “additional times” even after they potentially renamed the topic, or even deleted it altogether. For ease of trying to meet expectations, I’d suggest you make “first time” very clear and don’t bother with trying to re-seed on “additional times.”

All the other wizard options make sense every time you run the wizard.