Wordpress and Discourse domain issue

(Discourse Poon) #1

I use Digital Ocean and Ubuntu 14 to try to run Wordpress and Discourse together. I was successful in doing so using the steps:

  1. Install LAMP, change apache port to 8080
  2. Install discourse following the basic tutorial steps in DigitalOcean

So now I have one domain for Discourse: community.mydomain.com and I can access wordpress via my domain.com:8080.

However, what I really want is to have Wordpress blog to be pointed as mydomain.com

I have tried doing iptable redirect but while it did the trick of redirecting, it’s really trying to open a Wordpress URL in Discourse e.g. mydomain.com?p=1 (i.e. Hello world wordpress page pointed to first post ?p=1). So this doesn’t work.

I would appreciate if there’s any pointers I can get Wordpress and Discourse to run as:

Blog: mydomain.com
Discourse: community.mydomain.com


(Manthan Mallikarjun) #2

In the wordpress installation, what is the domain set to? Make sure its set to domain.com:8080.

(Discourse Poon) #3

My wordpress works fine in mydomain:8080. But I want it to appear in mydomain.com. Currently if I enter mydomain.com, it will bring up Discourse. So is there anyway to have Discourse installed as a sub-domain and ports other than 80, or have Wordpress to be able to be re-directed. Anyone?

(Kane York) #4

Note that if you have a non-www website, you may end up with strange “cookies too large” errors due to the fact that root-domain cookies are sent to all subdomains.