WordPress Comments Not Working


Started both new installs (discourse & wordpress) today to test but unable to get the comments working

after installing the discourse plugin, left most to default value except for the following:
Url, API Key, Publishing username, Auto Publish, Use Discourse Comments, Min number of replies=1, Min score of posts=1, Min trust level=0

on discourse admin side, only change was generating the api key

Is anything else needed? When viewing the wordpress post, I can see the Start the discussion message but no comments at all even after going to the discourse side and entering two comments.

I’m unable to embed picture so here’s the link:
http ://i.imgur.com/lhy2xNz.png


Was able to figure it out. I placed 0 to some of the fields and it finally showed up. Works great!

(blaumeer) #3

I had an AHA! moment today which I want to share:

the plugin was not publishing topics on the D forum. It’s because you must specify a Publishing username that is a real user of the D forum. Do that and it pushes topics to D, and pulls messages back to WP, according to the other settings of the plugin.