Wordpress Dashboard for Discourse

(Christian Simplicity) #1

I want to use Discourse for a blog / community site but I don’t want to deal with two comment systems or even having to worry about the WP Discourse plugin moving comments back to the blog. I have a design idea that I’d like to run by some of you. Hopefully there are some UI experts here who could give me their thoughts on a design idea.

Imagine a Wordpress shell that along with the standard home & about pages, there are a handful of top level pages that match the primary community defined categories that our team will be blogging about.

The page itself would have some introductory text about the category with the rest of it consisting of a Pinterest-like Masonry Layout of Images / Short Excerpts. When the user clicks on a given post, instead of going to a blog post, they are directed to a topic in the forum with the full post as the starter post for the topic.

Sound reasonable?

No external comment system at all. Everything is right in Discourse.

I haven’t worked with the Discourse editor enough to know if it the markup capabilities are robust enough to handle inline video, audio. It looks like it can handle images well enough.

I guess the thing I might be missing out on is some SEO goodies with the Yoast plug-in. Is that right?


(lid) #2

So you are simply saying "I want to drop wordpress as a blogging platform and convert discourse into one."
I can’t say that thought didn’t cross my mind.

Technically this shouldn’t be that difficult to implement. but it will be out of the course of discourse.

  1. Make the first post “pinned” and visually more prominent, (remove side “clutter”)
  2. Make a visual separation between the 1st post and the rest of the posts aka “comments”
  3. Better listing template, show excerpts in topic list for topic and basically making it more of blog layout


I am not that familiar with the current integration power and simplicity of discourse (API)
But the platform should eventually strive to provide seamless integration as a 3rd party component service.
And it should be so good and so easy that people will not consider converting discourse into a blogging system.

(Christian Simplicity) #3

Agreed. I don’t want it to convert discourse to a blogging system. I am starting out a new community though and it will be the blog posts that draw the traffic initially. It is hard enough to get people to move discussion away from Facebook and Twitter onto a blog post. I don’t want moving them to a discussion forum to be an extra step. To work well, commenting on blog posts or user generated discussion topics needs to be as easy and seamless as possible.

Users missing from topic list participants