Wordpress plugin and non-standard ports


(David Jameson) #1

OK — I know Discourse doesn’t support non-standard ports. So I have my firewall doing port forwarding from my non-standard port to the standard port that Discourse wants (both 80 and 443). This works fine and one can now access my discourse installation using a non-standard port

However, I am trying to configure the wp-discourse plugin for wordpress to connect to the discourse server so I can get the forums that were in wordpress over. For the discourse URL there, I should be able to include the same non-standard port. But I’m still unable to get the connection to work.

I’ve created an API key, etc.

Is there something else that has to be done? I only need this temporarily to get the content into Discourse. Going forward, users will only use Discourse.

Thanks in advance,

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

It’s not supported, so you’re on your own.

Then you should temporarily install it on another server. You can do it on a $5/month droplet.

(David Jameson) #3

I was able to hack the code to do it — however, I must admit to a certain amount of bafflement around this. Even if different ports are not supported internally, a firewall with port forwarding does allow external browsers to connect using a non-standard port.

So if a browser can do it, why not allow the WP-Discourse URL field to use a port number as well? That seems like an artificial restriction. Why would the WP-Discourse plugin even care?

(David Jameson) #4

Well, I did get the plugin to connect to my discourse server. But it may be that I’m not quite understanding the available functionality. I was under the impression that the existing forum posts could be injected into Discourse but I’m not finding any way to make that happen.

(Simon Cossar) #5

You should see a meta-box like this on the post edit screen:


Check the Publish post to Discourse checkbox and then update the post. By default, that meta-box will only appear for ‘posts’. If you are trying to publish pages, or some other post-type, you will need to add them in the Post Types to Publish setting (found on the Publishing tab.)

(David Jameson) #6

Thanks, Simon. I had the “Force Publish” option enabled and if I create a new post, it does show up in my discourse server. However, I was trying to figure out how to get all the existing posts (over a year’s worth) into Discourse. More importantly, I wanted to get all the existing forum posts (topics) into Discourse.