Wordpress Plugin & Discourse load error charset

I have use wp discourse, and discourse, when click LOAD MORE in discourse it show error charset. Please help me.

It working old version wp discourse and old version discourse. I have update new version wp discourse and discourse it begin error charset.

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Can you share a link to a WordPress post that is causing the issue? You can send it to me in a personal message if you do not want the URL to be posted publicly.


Thank, i have Send personal message


I do not think the problem is related to the WP Discourse plugin. When you click the “Show Full Post” button, Discourse scrapes the post content from the WordPress site. The WP Discourse plugin code is not used for this.

When I try publishing a Vietnamese post on my WordPress site, Discourse is able to pull the content without any encoding issues.

Have you made any recent changes to your WordPress site other than updating the WP Discourse plugin?


Why it working in old version? When upgrade new version wp discourse and discourse, it is showr error in first post

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I am not sure. The WP Discourse plugin does not pull the post content to Discourse. I do not think updating the plugin caused the issue. It is possible that the issue was caused by updating Discourse.

Have you made any changes to your WordPress site recently? For example, changed your site’s theme? Were you displaying ads in your posts before the encoding issue started?

I’m wondering if it could help to target the post content with the Discourse embed whitelist selector site setting. There are details about how to do that here: How to configure the embed whitelist selector setting. To test it, you could try targeting a very specific selector that only contains Vietnamese text.

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