WordPress posts on discourse

I just downloaded the discourse plugin for wordpress, and I am wondering the following things:

  1. why would you want to publish all new posts to Discourse.
  2. why would you want to add Discourse forum discussions in addition to your WordPress comments for Discourse published posts.

What would the point of doing these two things be, and what are the advantages?
Could you give me guys some example scenarios

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It is great for publishing a blog and requiring people to join your forum to comment in it. Comments are live-embedded in the publically shared blog from the linked topic in your forum. When you generate a blog in wordpress you click the option to publish it as a linked topic in the category of your choice in your forum and the topic is auto generated.

So it can be a tool to grow membership.

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What if im using SSO would the coment be both on wordpress and discourse

And also, how do I set it up so

  1. the avatar for users on wordpress and discourse is the same.
  2. users have to sign-in/sign-up through discourse but this could be done right on wordpress.
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Comments imported from the forum are imported and identical. I turn off wordpress comments to my blogs as I want people to sign into the forum to comment.

Someone else can give you better answers than me on the rest but for now I will answer.

The avatars for who commented show up in the wordpress embedded comments section.

There are definitely settings for connecting sign ins and member lists between your wordpress site and your forum.