Wordpress Theme that looks good with plain vanilla Discourse?

(Christopher McEwan) #1

Can anyone suggest a WordPress theme that will provide a similar look to plain, straight out of the box Discourse?

I am not trying to integrate my discussion back into wordpress, just provide a landing and a couple of other pages before entering the Discourse forum and would like it not to feel like you have gone to a completely different site on entering the forum page.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

The TwentyTwelve theme should be a pretty good match. It’s reasonably similar to Discourse’s clean & flat design, It doesn’t require any theme changes to support wp-discourse (last time I checked) and it will always be kept up to date since it’s supported by the WP core team.

If you’re looking for “the perfect match” then you’ll just have to start digging through the wp.org themes directory or some of the premium shops.

(Christopher McEwan) #3

At least for the monent, have ended up with Hexa Theme Directory — Free WordPress Themes. Updated colour schemes to better align with Discourse standards.