Wordpress with Discourse in a subfolder

(Erick Barron) #1

Hello, I have been reading a few articles here about getting Wordpress to work with Discourse but still having a hard time understanding what with Docker and all.

Here is what I want. I want Wordpress running on the normal url and then discourse on a subfolder all using https from cloudflare, this thread says how to do that.

The main problem I’m seeing is that I have my wordpress website running on apache and Discourse runs on nginx. I have seen a few threads here on how to get around that and still use apache, but seems like a lot of configurations that I don’t understand and then I would need to configure more if I run into trouble. It seems the best way is to run them both on nginx. So do I need additional nginx configuration for running both?

Another problem is that some packages don’t support nginx for Wordpress, but I can get around that, just need one plugin in particular for 301 redirects.

I’m planning on running everything on a digital ocean droplet of 2GB ram, which I read is good. But is it also okay if I run other software on the same server? I plan to install Mautic in it too, to have everything integrated and maybe even SuiteCRM in the future. Which will be a problem since they both need Apache. Thanks.

(Sander Datema) #2

Discourse uses nginx in the Docker image, but outside you can choose something else. Google for Apache as reverse proxy to set that up.

I have no experience with this at all, so can’t help you with the details of using Apache as reverse proxy or running Discourse from a subfolder.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I strongly advise you to abandon the idea of running Discourse in a subfolder. It is SEO snake oil, and adds massive amounts of complexity to what would otherwise be a really simple subdomain hosting configuration.

Comprehensive Guide to setting up Wordpress with Discourse (on DigitalOcean)
(Fionn Delahunty) #4

I’m currently the process of setting up a wordpress multisite network and a single install of discourse on a Digital ocean server.

This article might be of help to you, Need help with installing Discourse and Wordpress | DigitalOcean

(Erick Barron) #5

Siteground uses this setup and they’re doing great on it. Maybe we can get them to share their configuration?

Also, I have read “the art of SEO” 3rd edition, which is considered the bible for SEOs. In the book they make numerous statements for not using sub domains unless its a separate site which doesn’t make sense. Otherwise the subdomain “might” not be considered part of the main site by Google. Therefore all the branding and ranking signals associated with the primary domain will be carried over.

This argument is seen in different books on SEO too but I can’t pull the off from the top of my head. The reason why this is a problem is because although we don’t know the exact algorithm by Google or even if Matt Cutts hasn’t said anything, we still can see the influence behind several tests and even horror stories when going the subdomain route.

But after reading several threads here, I can see it is a pain to configure and maintain. I am somewhat tech savvy and understand some code but not to this extent.

In conclusion, I would say that yes, it still does matter and its not just snake oil. But I’ll have to use a sub domain as its too complex for me to do subfolder, although as stated by @codinghorror, it is less complex if both are in the same server.

Would be great if this subfolder route would be made easier, I feel lots of marketers would be inclined to use discourse as apposed to another forum. That is something I would consider if I was in their shoes and they’re the ones who usually make the decisions.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

This thread has some discussion about it:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Matt has in fact said something … that contradicts the SEO snake oil peddlers.

I also agree that if it was easy to do, I wouldn’t care. But it’s not – it adds tremendous cost and complexity.

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