Workaround to prohibit a dot / period within a username?

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as listed already in another post, e.g., Banner not dismissing, there are problems if a user choses a username including a dot / period.
e.g., john.doe

I would need quite a fast solution for that, but I am sure it’s not so easy. I thought about prohibiting a dot / period when the users creates his/her account (self-signup and accepting invite). This may be not a solution for everyone (e.g. if we talk about SSO or imported user data), but it may be a workaround for many.

Furthermore, I hope that I could change the username of already registered users without big troubles.

Do you have any idea if I can do something about that?

Personally I feel we need to fix the banner issue. Prohibiting periods doesn’t fix the problem, it just masks it.

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Do we allow periods in usernames @sam? If so, why, since this seems to be problematic?

We used to have very strict rules around what characters could be in usernames, but I think @sam relaxed it a bit at one point.


I did some testing when the banner issue came up. We do seem to allow periods:

Yeah we allow periods now, if there are actual issues with it they need to be flagged as bugs.


I assume it could be a bug as I receive a 404 not found error if I try to close the banner. However, this happens only if I am logged in with a user including a period in the username. Any other user without a period in the username does not throw this error.

Without knowing the technological background I assume not allowing periods in a username would solve many issues.
However, if this is offered as a workaround I assume that other users will complain why they cannot use a period in a username. Thus, it’s probably not a good workaround.

Workaround is to update to this commit :crazy_face: