Worrisome Customer Experience: Post > Error > Re-Post

I am curious if anyone else’s customers are experiencing this:

A customer comes in and creates a new topic.

When they hit publish, they get an error and draft/content disappears.

Customer again recreates a new topic.

Success publishing.

Customer comes to find the original also posted and now there are duplicate posts our moderators have to deal with.

Seems like this is happening a lot in the past two months or so.

Thanks for any help!

What’s the exact error? Screenshot?

Also what version of Discourse are you on?

I believe this is a custom installation with custom plugins, so we’d need a fair bit of more info to diagnose this at all.

Hi there @codinghorror!

Thanks for checkin in. Here is a screenshot of the error:

And here is my version info:

Eager to hear back! :blush:

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You’ll need to check the error logs at /logs in the web browser, using an admin account, to see the specific error info.

Right, I know where I would need to look—unfortunately it’s a really hard error to reproduce. This screenshot was all I could get from a customer who reached out about their experience. However, we know it happens about twice a week on average because we have to go through and merge the duplicate posts.

Have you heard other accounts of this happening? @codinghorror

Nothing is coming in via our support channels so it is extremely unlikely that it is a bug in core or an official plugin.


Good to know! Thanks for all your help, @HAWK and @codinghorror - I’ll keep looking into it our end.

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