Would any of the following work as a plugin?

(Lanie) #1


I’m trying to add an editable calendar to the “Create a new Topic” box. We need our users to be able to post available times & to be able reserve the times posted. Do you think any of the following would work as a plugin, or a start to a plugin?
Thanks a lot!

(Sam Saffron) #2

This very much sounds like a custom plugin, there may be a slight chance this can be done in a site customization (that you could use in the standard/business plan)

Can you post screen mockups of what you are after? I need a very good picture of the flow (and where data is stored)

(Lanie) #3

I would like to use the code from GitHub - neokoenig/RoomBooking: This is an open source application for booking rooms via a web based calendar, using cfWheels, Bootstrap3, jQuery, FullCalendar.js, and other bits. AKA the OxAlto RoomBooking System, but before I start editing the code in Nitrous, I just wanted to see if this would be a possibility.
In the “Create a New Topic" Box we want users to be able to fill out a form, that when posted, will turn into a Calendar that has those times reservable. This site, http://www.volunteerspot.com, has a similar sign up to what we are trying to achieve. I have included pictures of the parts from that site as an idea. Thanks so much!

Here is what we would like something similar to in the “Create a New Topic" Box. (Just a form to fill out)-

And here is the part that is posted, with the reservable times-

This is the given view of the git we are hoping to use for what to place in the “Create a New Topic" Box .

(Lanie) #4

Hi Sam,

Did you get a chance to check out what I replied above? Sorry to bother, we have a list of people waiting to use our site, so we are hoping to figure this out as quickly as possible.
Thanks so much!

(Simon Cossar) #5

Could you integrate your forum with an online booking service? If Discourse could function as the SSO provider for the service it could feel quite integrated from the user’s point of view. Most of the services I’ve looked at will let you embed an iframe on your website.

A scheduling plugin for Discourse would be great. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a good scheduling plugin for WordPress, but have never found one that quite meets my needs.

(Sam Saffron) #6

I am a bit unclear, where is all this information supposed to be stored? In the Discourse database?