Would anyone mind showing snapshots of their adsense ads displayed on their forum?

G’day all :wave:

I am wondering if anyone would mind sharing with us snapshots of their forum page(s) their ads are displayed on so those of us thinking of using it can get a sense of what it might look like?

The current options available in settings (thanks) are:
a Show ad at top of topic
b Show ad at bottom of topic
c Show ads on top of topiclist

I am wondering how obtrusive and distracting it might be to use these areas or if anyone came up with a different page/section of page to insert the ad that works for them? I kinda like the idea of an ad at the bottom of the categories on the home page.

I like how you can set trust levels for who sees the ads, fyi.

Thanks in advance.


I have a and c that you requested:

But also dfp nth post code, in my case after the 7th post:


Omar do you have any issues with people overclicking ads? Do you restrict trust levels for viewing the ads?

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No issues and no restrictions.

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Yeah, I’m thinking if I don’t mention that we profit off of clicks we shouldn’t have any good samaritans overclicking enthusiastically. I am also hoping that members will be cool about it as the advertising helps us provide a free service to them.

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I don’t think there will be any disillusions as to what the ads are for but they are also not too obtrusive from what I’ve seen.


Personally, I find adds quite annoying (well, who doesn’t), especially in forums and especially when they’re in between posts. Of course I understand the reason why they’re there, but I’d love to see more site owners try getting money from their users, e.g. via donations, before they take on advertising…
Just my 5 cents.


I hear you. I am thinking of putting one on the blog that gets distributed publically and isn’t shown in the forum for sure. That one would be adsense. The one I am toying with doing in the forum is at the bottom of the home page, where members can choose to look at the ad or not, knowing that panel is there. My forums would be in towns where local advertising makes sense. I just have a pilot group right now in one town to see how it goes. So you can imagine how one local $20 a month ad at the bottom of the forum home page to cover hosting fees might make sense. People here tend to be glad to help out local businesses.