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I am using the Latest WP Discourse plugin with v2.1.0.beta4+16 and cannot seem to see created categories with Default Discourse Category. Not in the plugin->publishing tab or when posting in new blog post. The default user is system and the api is correct as it says connected in green color in the plugin->connection tab.

Anyone experiencing this or is there some setting in discourse to allow it being visible to the wp discourse plugin? I also generated an api for the system user and used that. There was an icon in the api link but i do not see the term ‘Generate Master API Key’ option in the api link.

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If you have updated your categories on Discourse after installing the plugin, you will need to fetch them again by selecting the ‘Force Category Update’ setting on the WP Discourse Publishing tab. Can you let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem?

The way categories are being fetched by the plugin could use some improvement. I’ll see what can be done about this.

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oh… this is embarassing. I didn’t even notice that option… Thanks for answering an obvious answer. Apologies.

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Actually, thanks for bringing it up. I’ll do what I can to make it clearer.


I’ve problem with update-user webhook. It’s failed.

{"code":"rest_no_route","message":"No route was found matching the URL and request method","data":{"status":404}}

Any ideas?

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The update-user webhook route will only be activated if your site is functioning as the SSO provider for Discourse. Are you using your site as the SSO Provider?


Oh, i will use SSO but i am not using now. I get the idea. Thanks.


On another topic, I’ll share a little thing :

On a wordpress running for a few years, I had trouble to connect Discourse and Wordpress. I had the error message “You are not connected to Discourse. If you are setting up the plugin, this notice should go away after completing the form on this page.” even though everything was correct.

It is a wordpress on a shared hosting plan and it was stuck on a old version of php (5.4 if I remember correctly). I upgraded php via the hosting service (php 7.0 stable version), since then the connection works perfectly.

It was this topic who helped me identify the issue : Wordpress failure to connect to Discourse
curl wasn’t up to date before my php upgrade

The SSO Provider stuff worked before that, so it probably wasn’t a big deal, but this bugged me.

I lost too many time on this, so I wanted to share with others who might have this issue.

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All working great now.

While i’m here, is it possible to include the title with the excerpt? and/or the header photo? i think that extra content would increase people clicking through to read the full article

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Probably the easiest way to do what you are looking for is to customize the discourse_publish_format_html template so that it published the post as a onebox. Have a look at WP Discourse template customization for details about how to do that.